SNR Graphics Ink Lab

Hand Crafted Pantone Colors, and Custom Inks are always available at SNR Graphics

Having over 10,000 ink formulas in house, we can certainly match any color you desire.  The ability to do this also helps reduce waste by mixing the quantity needed per job.  Thus less waste going to the landfill.

Quality Pigments

We use the best pigments in the industry, from several different companies.  Some shops sign contracts with manufactures to reduce their cost.  We would rather offer the best for every product we provide.  So we are constantly shopping and researching to ensure you get the highest quality available.

This is our Ink Lab, we believe that a clean environment promotes a quality product from inception

Our Ink Lab

At SNR Graphics we try and pay close attention to the details, from our formulas that we create for the inks, to the cleanliness of our facility.