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Welcome to SNR Graphics, originally founded in Huntington Beach in 1980.  SNR Graphics has been awarded the golden squeegee award several times over the past 30 years for excellence in printing.  We are consistently working towards treading lightly on our earth, being environmentally responsible as a way of doing business, so we do our part with environmentally conscience products, including water based inks, and PVC free plastisol alternatives.  We feel helping our customers tread lighter while providing superior product gives them a higher advantage as well.

Committed to providing our customer with a complete package experience, our art staff all have degrees in art and design.  With over 20 years in print separations each, we have the ability to take your vision to a finished product.
Our sample department has both automatic and manual presses, to ensure your salesman samples match the production.  We will maintain your digital artwork on file for your convenience.

Excellence in ink:  Our ink laboratory has the ability to create millions of colors to 1/100th of a gram in accuracy.  We use the pantone color guide in the creation of all of our ink systems.  Having over 10,000 custom water based / Discharge ink formulas on hand, we are able to match the colors you want.  All of our ink products are 3rd party tested  bi annually for the past 5 years, and pass all federal and state regulations.  Results are available at our facility.

Time sensitive production:  Having the ability to run both shifts, we can meet your production needs and volumes, while still maintaining a reject rate of less than 1/2%.  Much lower than the 2% industry standard.

Product Processing:  Being a full service shop, we have relabeling on site should your product need relabeled with a woven label.  We also offer  printed neck labeling.  Ticketing, poly bagging, individual and bulk folding are all available as well.

Shipping and Receiving:  A lot of shops will take your business and "figure out how to get it done".  When we commit to a project, we deliver... period!  We will not accept a job unless we are comfortable that we can finish and deliver a superior product when promised.  For 31 years we have lived by that motto.

If you have any questions drop us a line, and we will discuss what we can do for you.

We will be adding interesting printing techniques, and information to our website monthly,  so check back periodically and enjoy!!!

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